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Much Ado about Nothing: The Times’ Non-Story about Eduardo Galeano’s Non-Apology

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galeano open veins of latin america cover

Last Friday TheNew York Times published an article claiming that Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano now “disavows” his seminal work, Las venas abiertas de América Latina (Open Veins of Latin America). The book, originally published in 1971, “argued that the riches that first attracted European colonizers, like gold and sugar, gave rise to a system of exploitation that led inexorably to ‘the contemporary structure of plunder’ that he held responsible for Latin America’s chronic poverty and underdevelopment.” For generations of Latin American leftists and students of Latin America Las venas abiertas has been “the canonical anti-colonialist, anti-capitalist and anti-American text.” It has been widely used in university classes, “has been translated into more than a dozen languages and has sold more than a million copies,” according to the Times. And now, its author—one of the most important living writers and thinkers on the Latin American left—has supposedly changed his…

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Art Show: New Works by Erika

Art Show: New Works by Erika

I will be presenting some of my paintings next Saturday, November 9th, 2013 at Chimichurri Argentine restaurant in Pilsen, 1454 W. 18th street in Chicago, IL. 60608. The restaurant is BYOB with excellent, authentic Argentine pizza, empanadas and gelato. The show is from 6pm – Midnight.  There will be live music performed by Maria Blues, Agustin Alvarez, George Carson, and John Doyle (celebrating his birthday) and poetry readings by members of Cafe y Literatura Entre Nosotras  Hope to see you there!

100 Peores poemas mexicanos de autores vivos…

100 Peores poemas mexicanos de autores vivos…

Hello This is my very first Post

Reading poetry with Benjamin Anaya at Radio Cosmos

Erika nació en Buenos Aires, Argentina, una mañana soleada, un  2 de agosto.

Vivió hasta los diecinueve en su patria. Se destacaba en todo los referente al arte y política estudiantil, participaba en muchas protestas, y estaba enamorada de la bohemia que aquella ciudad le ofrecía con sus cafés, parques con murguistas, libros, artesanías, teatro, música y argentinidad.

En el año 2000 se muda a Chicago, con la idea de darle un giro a su vida. Aca tuvo la suerte de toparse con una comunidad creativa que ha logrado revivir ese volcán que lleva dentro, esa necesidad de expresarse, escribir para transmitir su cosmovisión, que son parte de su cultura argentina fusionada con su vivencia estadounidense como inmigrante hispanohablante. Erika escribe desde hace rato pero ha decidido abrir éste blog al contar con las siguintes herramientas necesarias para hacerlo: La inseguridad, la falta de compromiso y la vagancia.  Su amigo Pablo coincide con que estas herramientas ” son requisitos fundamentales para abrir un blog”. Espero que disfruten el contenido del mismo.



Erika was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina a sunny morning of August 2nd. She lived there until turning twenty years of age.  She used to be involved in the arts and students protests.  She was in love with the Buenos Aires bohemian spirit, its coffee shops, recreational parks with groups of murguistas, books, art crafts, theater, music and the essence of Argentina.

In 2000, she moved to the city of Chicago, U.S., with the idea of trying new things in life.  Once in Chicago, she was lucky to find a creative community that revived that volcano she carried inside, the need to express herself through writing as an outlet to reveal her world view, which is the combination of being an Argentinean  and an immigrant living in the U.S. Erika has been writing for a while but she decided to open her own blog once she realized that part of the requirement to launch one was to have the following conditions: being insecure,  uncompromising and apathetic.  According to her friend Pablo “these three conditions are the basic requirements  for a blog.” I hope you all enjoy whatever I make out of this blog adventure.


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