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Barnyard Wedding

Barnyard Wedding


Is there life after head banging? At an eccentric wedding on an Indiana farm, old rockers, not-so-young punks, and more than a few Billy Goats gather to celebrate a young couple’s union. The narrator’s chance encounter with an old crush has her wondering how much change is possible from one decade of our lives to the next. The story’s answer is as sudden as it is unexpected, revealing this talented, up-and coming author’s gift for capturing the quirky ambiguity of contemporary love. Originally from Buenos Aires, Erika Buchancow lives in Chicago, where she is pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University and, in her free time, writes a blog on the arts and the artistic life.

Sheep in a Pen: On Being “Illegal” in the Global Economy

Please, take a moment to check out an essay I wrote which has been published by TheWriteDeal.  I want to thank editor Kyra Ryan for her advices and editing skills.

“Erika Buchanchow was born in Buenos Aires, where she engaged with student protests and the arts, and in a love affair with the city’s Bohemian spirit. In 2000, she moved to Chicago, where she found a lively community that supported her creative urges. Buchancow writes music and book reviews in Spanish and English and has recently launched her own blog, where she freely explores her insecurities, apathies, and uncompromising ideas. She has a Bachelor’s in English Writing and Political Science from Northwestern University and is currently pursuing a Master’s there in Public Policy and Administration. Her story “Barnyard Wedding” will be coming out on TheWriteDeal in February.” –  THE WRITE DEAL

Get this e-book free!

Get this e-book free!

Each month, the University of Chicago Press gives away a free e-book.  Please check the link above if you would like to acquire the current e-book.

“La poesía es un lugar de tranquilidad”

“La poesía es un lugar de tranquilidad”

La poesía según la poeta y artista plástica, Nini Bernardello. Admiro la destreza que tiene Nini para poder explicar su experiencia siendo poeta y las luchas por creer serlo o no serlo.  Acá les dejo la nota.

Tres libros de y sobre poetas

Tres libros de y sobre poetas

Para ponernos al día con algunos poetas que son imprescindibles leer.


waved from afar
like a figure of wax
in an altar
smiled, smirked and winked
all at once
as the flap of the velvet dress
traps the moist of the air
laughs, bubbles and blahs
that go nowhere

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